Feeling a little pink? | Diamant
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Feeling a little pink?

Feeling a little pink?

Pink diamonds, are a rare form of the hardest stone on earth, found only in Australia. These stones are 20 times more expensive than traditional white diamonds. And forget the ladies, hardened Indian investors may soon be swooning over these stones.

With a 25% growth rate, India’s diamond market is the fastest growing in the world and experts say pink diamonds could step on the accelerator nicely.

Josephine Acher, business manager at Argyle Pink Diamonds says“If I talk about the investment appeal of Argyle pink diamonds, there’s growing interest in that. Saying growing interest from India, and not just from the jewellery market but from the investor market. You may buy a loose pink diamond and not even said it in a piece of jewellery. Just keep it in a safe as a store of wealth.”

Not surprising, considering there are almost 130,000 millionaire households in India who can afford these diamonds.