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The Ferrari Opus…

The Ferrari Opus…

For connoisseurs of Ferrari sports cars, the official bible of the luxury automobiles, the diamond-set Enzo Diamante Edition of The Official Ferrari Opus is fetching as much as $275,000 and is being billed by Ferrari and its publishers as “the most exclusive publication ever created.”

Indeed, the Ferrari book costs more than the 2011 Ferrari California car which costs $192,000 in the United States, or the 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia with a price of $225,325.

The famous Ferrari symbol, the prancing horse, features on the cover of the book – set with 1,500 diamonds.

The Official Ferrari Opus, says the 852-page Diamante Edition weighs 81 pounds. It is encased in a black, holographic carbon-fiber clamshell and includes an individually numbered silver-foiled signature sheet signed by Ferrari drivers past and present.

An Australian TV station reported that one Diamante Edition — one of just 20 to be printed — has already been purchased by an unidentified man in Sri Lanka. One copy of the book will be auctioned to the highest bidder at Ferrari headquarters in Maranello, Italy, with proceeds to benefit selected charities.

The book is said to be the most exhaustive look ever at Ferrari, with much of the content, including photographs, being published for the first time. It provides information on every Ferrari road car and racecar, as well as on every professional driver to race for the company since its founding in 1947.

A more affordable version of the book, called The Classic edition, is priced at $4,100, but even that version is limited to 4,100 copies.Type your content here…