3 Steps to a Good Diamond Cut | Diamant
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3 Steps to a Good Diamond Cut

3 Steps to a Good Diamond Cut

To ensure maximum sparkle and brilliance, the cut is without doubt, the most important of the 4c’s.

Firstly the ‘diamond cut’ is different to the ‘diamond shape’. The shape describes exactly that, whereas the cut is more technical and refers to the angles, proportions and facets of the diamond itself. If it is not cut right, a diamond can look dull, glassy, bulky and too small for its weight.

A good cut is essential to a diamond’s beauty, because even a diamond with outstanding colour and clarity will not display the sparkle that diamonds are famous for if its components don’t interact with light as they should.


      The proportions of width and depth have a large impact on diamond brilliance, the reflection of white light that you see when we look at a diamond.

      1. Light traveling through a shallow cut diamonds is lost out of the bottom of the stone and does not bounce back.  The lack of light play, makes shallow cut diamonds appear lifeless.
      2. Light traveling through a deep cut diamond, escapes out of the sides, therefore darkening all or portions of the stone.
      3. Light traveling through an ideal cut diamond bounces back out the top of the stone, showing off its brilliance.



    Symmetry refers to the alignment of a diamond’s facets, the polished surfaces of the stone.  The facets should be cut to achieve the best brilliance and sparkle.


You have seen diamonds sparkle, when you move them in different lights. This is called Scintillation, and it occurs when light bounces among the facets. If facets are misaligned, light does not reflect as it should, leaving the diamond dull and lifeless.


    The facets of the diamond should be smooth and polished, so that light can pass through them. To put it simply, the better the Diamond Cut, the more sparkle and brilliance.