Antwerp Diamonds - Antwerp Goldsmiths - Diamant Dublin
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The Belgian city of Antwerp and diamonds have been inextricably linked for over 550 years,  largely due to the invention of the scaife by Lodewyk van Bercken in the late 15 century. This device, a type of polishing wheel,  revolutionised the diamond cutting industry allowing all the facets of the diamond to be cut symmetrically at angle that best refract and reflect the light.


Nowadays 8 out every 10 rough diamonds and 1 in every 2 polished diamonds is handled in Antwerp. It has 4 diamond bourses and 4 diamond banks as well as 1,500 separate diamond companies not to mention the over 380 workshops and factories, jewellers, polishers, cutters, platers and setters, with the total employment in trade and industry approximately 27,000 people. And all of this is concentrated in an area of roughly a square mile. Inevitably it is often referred to as the diamond square mile but more commonly – the Diamond District.


In the heart of the diamond district is where you would find our goldsmiths and suppliers and where we venture weekly to inspect loose stones and finished jewellery in person before it is sent back to our Dublin offices. It is our unique relationship with this centre of excellence that allows us to bring the best of Antwerp to you, right here in Dublin 2.