Looking for Custom Made Engagement Rings? Diamant Diamonds Dublin
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For more than a decade Diamant has been providing an unparallelled service to the engagement ring and jewellery market in Ireland, because of our unique relationship with both diamond suppliers and a team of expert goldsmiths in Antwerp.

We operate an appointment only service within a stones throw of of Merrion Square.  As we avoid the overheads and other downsides of high street retail we can create the highest quality engagement rings and custom jewellery designed to meet your budget.

All the engagement rings you see on this website are one off pieces made bespoke for the customer concerned, each designed around a diamond we source espescially for them.

Antwerp Suppliers


Dealing with Diamant gives you direct access to the absolute best polished diamond suppliers in the world, of which most have their main offices and stock in the diamond square mile in Antwerp. Over the past 10 years, we have built enduring relationships with a select few trusted suppliers who have consistently source polished diamonds of top quality and best price. These suppliers use only GIA, HRD or IGI certified diamonds, conform to all modern industry standards and all their diamonds are of course conflict-free (Kimberly process, ethical sourcing). We also have access to a huge assortment of precious and semi-precious gemstones, especially sapphires, rubies and emeralds as colored stones are very much back in fashion.

Antwerp Goldsmiths


Our goldsmiths work with cutting edge technology, have dozens of years of experience and are surrounded by the most skilled cutters, graders, polishers and dippers. We have been working with the same team of goldsmiths nearly 13 years so it is safe to assume we are singing of the same hymn sheet. And while we are over and back to Antwerp at least once a week, we are in constant communication the rest of the time, a habit born from years of design experience and collaboration. Where better to look for a goldsmith to help you design and set your diamond ring than to turn to Antwerp, with arguably the largest concentration of diamond supply and goldsmithing experience per square metre than anywhere else on the planet.

Diamant Offices


When you meet us in our modern offices overlooking the Pepper Canister Church in Dublin 2, we will talk you through everything you want to know about diamonds and how we can optimise the 4 Cs of your diamond (on average 90% of your expense). We then design a ring together from scratch followed by a design sheet, a brief discussion with our Antwerp goldsmith and a few weeks later collection here in Dublin of your finished ring. If you’re still wondering why us? Well let’s start by listing the more obvious benefits. No flights, no early morning taxis, no need to leave Ireland, we bring Antwerp to you. You won’t have to negotiate the chancers and the rogue element that thrive on the amateur tourist shopper. You won’t have to resist the pressurising sales people or listen to your gut; is this real, is this a good price or is this just too good at this price?   We are on your doorstep and we offer great aftercare services.  We offer decades of experience and collaboration, a wealth of international and local suppliers from the heart of the diamond district to our offices in Dublin 2.