DIAMANT'S Top 3 Gemstones of 2013 | Diamant
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DIAMANT’S Top 3 Gemstones of 2013

DIAMANT’S Top 3 Gemstones of 2013

It should come as no surprise, that Diamond tops our Gemstones list of 2013. Bright, brilliant, sparkling diamonds have inspired us for generation; their rarity, value, the way they delicately reflect light, while being the hardest of any bulk material. And, of course, there is their association with romantic love, which makes them the perfect gift.


2. Blue Sapphire
Our second biggest seller this year is the Blue Sapphire. Sapphires have always been a favoured gemstone. The stone enjoyed a large resurgence after Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton. Sapphire is the most precious and valuable blue gemstone. It is a very desirable gemstone, due to its excellent colour, hardness, durability and lustre. In the gem trade, Sapphire refers to the blue variety of the mineral Corundum. Although blue is their most well known colour, Sapphires can also be colourless and found in many other colours, including grey and black.


3. Emerald
In the past year, we’ve seen a lot more people opting for a different coloured stones in their engagement rings. So far, emeralds have been setting the trend for 2013. The deep green of emerald is very appealing and we are certain to see many more rings featuring this precious stone. Deep green is the most desired colour in Emeralds. In general the paler the colour of an Emerald, the lesser its value.