No Diamonds for August! | Diamant
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No Diamonds for August!

Sun, sea and sand

No Diamonds for August!

This year we have decided to close up shop for the first two weeks in August. In previous years we have stayed open but as our Antwerp diamond suppliers cutters polishers dippers goldsmiths etc go on holidays en masse. We figured we may as well join, in spirit anyway!

So why do Europeans collectively lay down their tools for so much of August. Apparently it stems back to early industrial factories and the logic that an assembly does not function very well when shorthanded and can in fact be dangerous it made sense for them to take holidays at the same time with the factory shutting up shop or sometimes taking the opportunity for an upgrade or refit.

Well you’re probably wondering how this applies to restaurants and shops and even jewellers and the answer is…. I havent a clue.. but we’re taking a leaf out of the continents book and we’re going on holidays .

Don’t worry we’ll be back for all your diamond needs on the 20th of August and we look forward to hearing from you then for engagement rings and wedding band and diamond earrings and tennis bracelets and …well you get the idea!

Bonnes Vacances!!