Are you thinking of proposing at Christmas? | Diamant
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Are you thinking of proposing at Christmas?

Are you thinking of proposing at Christmas?

DO propose at Christmas

Christmas can be a magically romantic time without extra hard work on your part so its unsurprising that many people choose this time of year to propose. It also come with a host of benefits like a lot of friends and family are home when they wouldn’t usually be so its great that everyone finds out about your engagement and celebrates together.

DON’T propose at Christmas

You’re stealing christmas, how dare you, you upstart, the cheek to try and make yourselves the centre of attention! Beware of overloading the holidays, there is already so much going on, probably even a couple of friends weddings, propose in January , nothing happens in January!! The whole month can be yours to remember.

DON’T do it in front of friends and family!!

– Its about the person in front of you! A private moment between yourselves is somewhat less romantic if you have friends and family back slapping and making rude jokes. Or in a sports stadium? Seriously? No …Just NO.

DO do it in front of friends and family!!

Your partners very close to your family, why not get them involved, make it a family event inviting them to join your family.

DON’T Rush

You’ve been dating how long?

– Hold your horses!! There’s no rush. You’ve been going out three months, take a breath , enjoy the discovery. Christmas has a lot to answer for …all that romantic lighting brainwashing the foolish into thinking ‘this is the one’ I should propose immediately. If its not going to last; a ring isn’t going to make a difference , except to your bank balance.

DO Rush

if the world is coming to an end due to impending asteroid strike

DON’T Tell

Must. Tell. Someone.

– Keep it quiet, telling everyone and their dog is surefire way of spoiling the surprise and it probably wont be appreciated when your significant other finds out that they were the last person to know.

DO Tell.

You have something special in mind, you need help;Tell as few people as possible, preferably only people you need to know to make whatever you have in mind run smoothly.

-At the end of the day however, you should know who you’re proposing to and you probably know what they would like you to do.

DO plan ahead

You should be looking for a diamond ring now, espescially if you’re looking for a custom made engagement ring. If you’re not too sure what ring your partner would want, you can buy a diamond on its own to propose with and set up the appointment to have the ring custom made with your intended. Or simply use a promise ring and have an appointment made beforehand.

DON’T Plan ahead

If you’re not proposing?

DO contact us

If you want the best the diamond district in Antwerp has to offer on your doorstep in Dublin.

DON’T contact us

If you don’t want the best in diamond jewellery that Antwerp has to offer.