What is a Solitaire Setting? | Diamant
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What is a Solitaire Setting?

What is a Solitaire Setting?

Nowadays, there are so many ring settings and styles to choose from, but the diamond solitaire engagement ring, remains the most timeless and popular choice. Most people choose the solitaire because it is an elegant setting and has the ability to show off the diamond at its best. So, what is a Solitaire Setting? It is a ring or any piece of jewellery with a single diamond. A diamond solitaire can be uniquely designed to suit any taste.


A six claw solitaire setting, probably the most popular choice and style.


A Cathedral setting is an elegant and classical way to showcase your diamond.


A Bezel setting is a very modern way to set a diamond. Your gemstone has a metal rim going around it, making it an extremely secure setting.


A Tension setting is a unique way to set your stone, it gives the appearance that your diamond is floating. With this style of setting your stone is held by pressure, as opposed to claws.

No matter what style of setting you decide on, a diamond solitaire ring is a timeless piece that will sparkle for a lifetime.

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