So where will you propose? | Diamant
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So where will you propose?

So where will you propose?

There is always a desire to do something different, something special, something memorable…. but how far should you go? Where should you propose?

Surprise is really the aim of the game here, and this part comes free! So before you hire that string quartet,

sit back and really think what is “(your prospective partner)” going to like. If they’re liable to get queasy at the thought of displays of public affection, a flash mob is probably not the way to go.

There is no single perfect way of proposing, but it should reflect who you are as a couple and be deeply personal. Going to the top of some monument or famous building straight out of cinema to propose may seem shallow if it bears no connection to you both, but of course some people love the cliché and that’s alright too.

Anyway the list of possibilities are endless but the best is always going to be the one you think up yourself.

Here are a few potentials, maybe spark some imagination!

Your Favourite place together? Anywhere really, some place you found together on a walk, a park, a hill, whatever it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that you both love the place and have some connection to it together.

On stage? The results could be epic with microphone in hand. Perhaps a bit of backing music to propose by. Obviously you should try and clear this with the management beforehand, getting rugby tackled to the ground by bouncers mid way through “will you….” could put a bit of dampener on the whole thing.

Treasure Hunt? Seriously? Okay , if you must….just make sure to keep the clues simple, youd feel a bit silly dropping hints, and if it goes on too long you might miss your dinner reservation! So keep your competitive side under wraps, unsolvable clues might hand you a small victory, but you’re supposed to be playing the long game here!

In a Restaurant. Again with the public thing. It is classic though, simple romantic. You need to go the whole hog here, i.e. not your local chipper, and a 3 in 1 isn’t going to cut it. Also if you’re not the sorts to go to fancy restaurant on occasion, they’re going to sniff something is up. The reserve of foodies I think. Please don’t put it in the desert.

Holidays! Romantic escape for two? Yes please. Just don’t forget the ring, and avoid the Eiffel tower….I hear it gets pretty crowded up there.

Leave a note. I’m not talking memo pads here. Chalk it on the ground of your driveway or somewhere, perhaps devise an intricate game of hop-scotch. Scratch into the icy windcreen of their car. Chocolate sauce writing on a plate. In a shop window, anywhere or how, you can fork out for the skywriting version if you like. They all serve a higher purpose anyway, to prevent you swallowing your tongue when you try to speak.

In the garden. You can go to the botanical gardens if yours isn’t quite up to spec. Make sure flowers are in bloom, this is not where you want to be in the dead of winter!

Celebration. Okay so you want your friends and family on hand for a celebration after a ‘yes’. Just make sure they stay hidden for the actual event. Nothing says pressure like the future in-laws.

We could go on and on but it really comes down to one thing…

Did you get your ring at Diamant?